What Is Fashion? A Definition.

Many of you will find this blog and the other social media tools used to promote it will offer many different topics besides “clothing”. We’ll cover music, beauty, accessories, events and much more. To clarify the reason why this blog is about more than what we wear, I’m offering two definitions to explain how broad the term “fashion” is:

Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”~Coco Chanel

*Textbook Definition: “Fashion occurs in almost every aspect of life. One of the many definitions of fashion is that fashion is what the majority of a group is wearing. However, apparel and accessories are not the only products subject to fashion influences. Fashion’s pervasive nature becomes evident in many product areas, including food, interiors, architecture, automobiles, lifestyles, technology, and many other consumer goods.”

I look forward to introducing you to different styles: What you might consider pretty or “ugly”, I encourage you to  find beauty in the bizarre. I’ll also cover what is trendy and current fads to try to suit all taste levels of my readers.

Fashion is about keeping an open mind and understanding it is a way for people to express themselves. This can be in the form of unique hair styles or colors, clothing, make-up, accessory choices, body modification and lifestyle.

This blog is written with the hope of enlightening the reader specifically on these topics and embracing diversity through fashion. Enjoy!

*Fashion, Pearson Custom Library. Chapter 1, p. 3, WSU AMDT 108 Introduction To Apparel, Merchandising and Textiles. Dr Joan Ellis.

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